Reliable Design

As experts in the field of magnetic separation, we clearly realize that in an era of rapid technological change, it is difficult to keep up with the latest trends even in your own industry, let alone other industrial fields. That's why we provide you with technical support based on our expertise and experience.

Company Mission

Through the innovative application of magnetic technology, we provide users with efficient and practical customized products.

Company Vision

Deepen product structure, tap industry needs, lead the magnetic technology industry, and be the most authoritative supplier

Company Strategy

Continue to innovate and develop new projects to create more convenient new products for users

Tianjin North Star Technology Co.,Ltd

Tianjin North Star Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer dedicated to the magnetic separation industry. Relying on the international leading magnetic separation and vibration conveying technology, it aims at designing and manufacturing high-performance equipment to provide the industry with high-performance and high-quality designed magnetic sorting, magnetic automation and vibration conveying equipment. With rich application experience in professional and technical fields, we can solve the problems encountered in product processing, purification and quality review for enterprises.

Product applications cover: food, medicine, chemicals, batteries, tobacco, plastics, glass, ceramics, papermaking, pigments, cement, metal processing and many other fields.